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Bevel kaca dengan memakai gerenda duduk

Bevel kaca dengan memakai gerenda duduk – Deskripsi Video: untuk membuat cermin dinding motif venetian mirror adalah dengan banyak bevel dengan menggunakan bevel duduk karena potongan kecil kecil

A Venetian mirror is a glass craft piece that is carved in a design and used as a wall decoration. Mirror craftsmen continue to carve glass on each section by hand. The carvings on each component are often flower or grass patterns.

The sculpture seems silver and gleaming like a mirror. The Venetia Mirror’s brilliance is completed with extra bubble carvings on each component.

The oval Venetian mirror serves as a frame that surrounds the main mirror, enhancing its qualities as a wall mirror or wall mirror décor. There are many different sorts of venetian mirror designs, ranging from modern to traditional.

There are also other sizes that may be constructed, ranging from little to enormous.

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