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Sell Convex Smoked Glass Mirror

Sell Convex Smoked Glass Mirror – Convex Smoked Glass Mirror, made from combination an convex and finishing smoked glass. We sell to other country. Shipped and packed very carefull to avoid damage, and shipping insurence 100 % guarante

Size and Spesifikasi

Thickness 5mm
Length 80 cm
Width 80 cm
Finishing Gold Leaf Antique Mirror
Material Glass
Packing 100cm x 100cm (1/ pack)

Proseccing of making Convex Smoked Glass Mirror is by helding glass in the smoke of a candle flame (or other inefficiently burning hydrocarbon).

Such that one surface of the sheet of glass is covered in a layer of smoke residue.

The advantages of using the glass are that the recording medium is easily renewable (just re-smoke the glass).

In result the effect of Smoked glass mirror can be incorporated into glass manufacture by adding darkening materials, such glass is decreased in brightness.

It can be used aesthetically, for example, in the manufacture of coffee tables with smoked glass tops.

Many homeowners are knows better the difference between Convex Smoked Glass Mirror and black glass mirrors. Even it actually almost same thing.

Both refer to the charming elegance of the gray mirror. Look at the different ways in which this unique type of mirror can be used.

Smoked sheets are functionally, smoked colors always add special wealth to space. Convex smoked mirror  in general can add a touch of elegance and light to the room.

Through dimmable in a small room, the area can make it look bigger if model sombine with convex shaped mirror.

Because it is considered “neutral” in the decor it immediately matches the furniture of different styles.

When you redesign your bathroom or kitchen, many people think of things like paint colors, floors, cabinets, and tables.

You can go with mirror glass tile, especially as it mixes textures and colors in a very versatile way to add pie to redesign projects.

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