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Octagonal Eglomise Vintage Mirror

Octagonal Eglomise Vintage Mirror – Eglomise vintage mirrors from Seratjati present an elegant and stylish on your room, and it can also be used to reflect selected design in your living space. Take a look at some of the newest and most popular pieces from our églomisé mirror line.

Octagonal Eglomise Vintage Mirror Gold

In modern and transitional homes, where a minimalist approach is often preferred, the addition of one of Seratjati’s vintage mirrors can add a touch of visual interest to a bare wall, drawing attention to the clean lines of the room’s architecture or to reflect and highlight the intentional placement of specific furnishings and fixtures.

Whether they’re used alone or in a collection, we’re confident our Eglomise Venetian vintage mirrors will add vintage interest and transitional style to your sophisticated home. Contact Seratjati for personalized assistance finding the appropriate transitional furnishings for your living space.

According to wikipeda, There are many types of glass mirrors, each representing a different manufacturing process and reflection type.

one of it was An aluminium glass mirror is made of a float glass manufactured using vacuum coating, i.e. aluminium powder is evaporated (or “sputtered”) onto the exposed surface of the glass in a vacuum chamber and then coated with two or more layers of waterproof protective paint.

Size spesifikasi tehnis for Seratjati Octagonal Eglomise Mirror 

Glass Thickness 5mm
Length 85 cm
Width 85 cm
Finishing Gold Leaf Antique Mirror
Material Glass
Packing 90cm x 90cm (1/ pack)


Deskripsi Octagonal Eglomise Vintage Mirror


Detail Product
– semua bagian depan tampak cermin dengan ukiran.
– tebal cermin 5mm
– ukuran cermin 85 cm T x 85 cm Lebar dan Tebal 5 cm

Keunggulan dan kegunaan Produk :
-Dapat menjadi cermin dinding hias ruang tamu, cemin kamar mandi, cermin rias, cermin washtafel, cermin dinding dekorasi, cermin dekorasi pernikahan dan lain lain.
– Qualitas barang adalah export.
– sebelum dikirim selalu masuk Quality Control yang ketat dan ahli di bidangnya
– barang dijamin sesuai digambar (kecuali by requests).

Informasi Penting
– untuk pengiriman barang kami menggunakan Truck ekspedisi khusus Kami sendiri
– transaksi melalui pembayaran COD atau bayar ditempat, silahkan kontak WA kami.
(harga belum termasuk biaya kirim mohon diskusi dahulu via phone, wa, Line atau pesan)
– Produk yang ready stock akan langsung segera saat anda order .

Pengemasan Produk
– untuk packing kami menggunakan pallet kayu & kardus Rangkap dua, jadi sangat aman.
– Resiko pengiriman akan menjadi tanggung jawab kami.

Respon Cepat & Info Lebih Detail.

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