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Cermin dinding dekorasi AiSata wood frame serat0800120

Cermin dinding dekorasi AiSata wood frame serat0800120 – Cermin dinding dekorasi Aisata wooden frame mirror, dengan motif daun kering SKU serat0800120 finishing silver ukuran 100cm x 40cm

Cermin dinding dekorasi Aisata

wooden frame mirror silver motif daun kering
Size : 100 Cm X 40 Cm

Finishing : silver antik.

Mirror : 5 mm

Motif : bevel

Demikian juga/in addition Produk cermin dinding dekorasi silver tersebut dapat juga menjadi dekorasi dinding ruang tamu.

Packing cermin dinding :

. Packing menggunakan styleform dengan karton box yang di perkuat dengan kayu diluarnya.

. di samping styleform packing menggunakan carton tebal

. Shipping / trucking dengan kurir cargo, karena besarnya produk

After service :

. Pastikan krate kayu bosnya tidak rusak saat penerimaan paket.

. Buatlah video saat unpack.

. Kerusakan karena pengiriman mohon langsung di informasikan ke WA kami.

Kontak Kami

Description detail of this oval wooden frame mirror:

. Code the Oval Mirror is Gilded Gold Wood Frame Mirror serat0800120.
. The dimension is overall mirror. Frame with craved wood on silver leaf finished.
. Thick the frame mirror is 5 mm. The mirror in the middle use 5mm.
. Each part frame mirror beveled 5 mm each edge. and mirror in the middle 1.5 cm beveled.
. Back mirror use multiplex 12-18mm and black paint.

. coupled with/ ditambah dengan we have few year experiences in making venetian mirror

Wood Material :

This style finish mirror is Modern mirror carved by mahogany wood.
. The part mirror also  jointed to wood frame with glue and screws

. Mirror can be hanging vertical or horizontal on the wall by two hangers.
. Packing use double carton box, bubble pack plastic covered a the mirror full and each size mirror used Styrofoom 2 cm for protecting each side the mirrors.
. Packing the mirror passed the drop test.
. Wood Package with standard international shipping.
. Then Mirror include insurance so if you get mirror broken or damage you will get new from us.

Karenanya pls Contact us today with questions about our elegant upscale decorative mirrors for finish your design. We will Always work to produce elegant mirror for you

sebagai tambahan /in addition Seratjati Glass Decorative Mirror an Indonesia supplier glass mirror accept free consultation and can be ordered with a retail or large quantity, because the right choice if you buy from manufacture.

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moreover/ selain itu for getting information more about price and shipment. We are really will do try to the best for you. Please do not hesitate if you need inform to finish your project with Mirror.

lagi pula / furthermore Aisata as an mirror maker for oval wood frame mirror is a truly unique and elegant piece showcasing the original charm and beauty of 16th and 17th century styles.

Each oval wooden frame mirror  is crafted with a floral pattern, adding depth and interest to any bathroom room.

Demikian juga/in addition This wall oval mirror may be hung vertically on living room or combine with console table

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