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Venetian mirror was an style finishing mirror crate from a place calle Venesian in Italia. Thank to glass carpenter there. we are really appreciated for your work. According in the article, stated that : Mirrors are widely used in the decoration of a space. Venetian mirrors Vanities for bathroom are a necessary luxury in all homes. The majority of us might be tempted to consider the bathrooma space with less importance, but indeed isn’t. Our suggestions of chic bathrooms with venetian mirrors shows this precisely. The delicate curves, bevels and designs of these venetian mirrors make them a lovely extra to any room. Take a look and feel inspired! on this mirror. kaca cermin kamar mandi This venetian mirror vanity is a masterpiece capable of make you lose your eyes in the infinite details. SEE ALSO: this produk All room in our house could be decorated with style of mirror art, Venetian mirror inspired by the richness of traditional Venice. Addicta makes for an opulent statement. For exsample Its subversive glamour is unforgettable and addictive.

The Venetian mirrors

The Venetian mirrors of the collection are held together by an injection-moulded rubber frame: its softness allows the fragments to be inserted into the triangular gaps in the thin rubber structure.
Vitrail comes in four different formats which can be hung horizontally or vertically. The collection includes a small square, a large rectangle and an oval, all made up of a large, clear, central mirror decorated with two coloured fragments.
These versions are injected in both colours; each one features a distinctive combination of lateral mirrors.
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This Venetian mirror model is round and it is divided into five strips. It comes in two contrasting versions: a light grey frame with fragments of pastel green glass and a green frame with fragments of mirror fading from black through to light grey.
It can be hung in three ways: horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Vitrail comes in a total of eight different versions.
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