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Since now a mirror has become part of modern home decor as like an antique venetian mirror. Framed or unframed, hung or stand-alone, mirrors can double home decor. Your room may be only two square meters, but with proper mirror placement can make it look bigger. When choosing a mirror for home decoration, you should look at the size, shape and style of the mirror. These are places where mirrors can be placed. Not just a traditional rectangular mirror above your sink, choose a mirror with a more unique shape. Although this one is simple in design, the oval oval shape makes it stand out as part of the decor in the room. The way the oval mirror is in the form of a sink and then installing the lights on both sides creates a really appealing look. The placement of the sink and mirror here is nice too because what you see in the mirror is your backside. Alternatively, you can choose a standard Antique Venetian Mirrors Style shape but choose an ornate design to bring something of interest to your bathroom. This gives you time to pause where you can take a deep breath and do a little activity in your bathroom before you start your day. Do not forget to consider the color of your mirror when choosing one for your minimalist home design. Whether it’s in the bathroom or elsewhere, a mirror should be chosen to increase the space where it is located. Choosing a suitable color or in accordance with the room’s paint helps to make the mirror an integrated part of the design. Family room is a large room to install Antique Venetian Mirrors, it is very suitable with minimalist home design. This mirror serves as a work of art while also opening space with great reflections in the room. They also create more light in space because of their reflection. Choosing a simple yet attractive minimalist home design is a great way to choose this size mirror for a room. Even if the mirror does not take up the entire space, it can still play a key role in the design. The metal around the mirror is artistic and attractive.

antique venetian etched glass mirror

If you have a narrow aisle in your house then you can think of adding a big mirror in the room. The mirror will open the area so you do not feel limited in it. Choosing a Large Antique Venetian Mirrors with a unique but simple shape is a great way to choose a mirror for the bedroom. The living room is the perfect place to install a large mirror. This mirror serves as a work of art and also creates more light in space because of its reflection. Choosing a simple yet attractive design is a great way when choosing a mirror of this size for a room.

antique venetian glass mirror

This mirror is positioned to reflect the window. When used to reflect an object or part of a room, then the mirror will become a work of art. Mirrors can be very effective in the dining room to reflect the glittering chandelier. If you have something hanging in your home that you want to highlight, you can use a Antique Venetian Glass Mirror to pull all eyes toward that object
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