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Venetian Mirror and Wholesale from Indonesia.

Welcome to Venetian Mirror and Furniture Wholesale UD  seratjati  is  your right choice for high-end quality furniture and decorative lighting products with more than two-decade experience in the industry. As one of the Indonesian Furniture and Mirror Manufacture wholeseler .  Venetian Mirror Manufacture. We continuously improve our strategy to create the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is our priority and our team will happily work together with you to build a sustainable and mutual business relationship. Hard work, creative, innovative, and continuous improvement are the values that we apply to every element of our business as well as our products and services.

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As an Indonesian Furniture and Mirror Manufacture wholesaler, we achieve our business succeed. We realize that society satisfaction should be prioritized by providing good quality products, excellent customer satisfaction, and maximizing a positive impact on the environment. The strong collaboration will lead to achieving the vision.

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IDR 1.890.000

Venetian Antique Clock

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This Venetian an Antique Clock is Original handmade by professional craft man from Seratjati wall mirror Manufacture. We Can make costume style and measurement for project Interior decor, Seller of wholesale or retail orders.

gebyok ukir
idr 35.000.000

Vintage Gebyok ukir jepara terbuat dari jati tua, dengan umur lebuh dari 75 tahun

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Naikkan Nilai Rumah Anda dengan Keanggunan Abadi! 🌟Ubah ruang tamu Anda menjadi tempat tinggal yang canggih dengan Dekorasi Dinding Gebyok Ukir Kayu Vintage kami yang indah! Dibuat oleh tangan trampil dengan perhatian cermat terhadap detail, setiap bagian memancarkan pesona yang mencerminkan masa lalu dan keanggunan abadi.

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